"The most alluring thing a woman can have is confidence."

- beyonce

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Prefer to have your own solo party?
Get it girl, treat yo'self.
You deserve it.


You can book a private 1-on-1 session with me where you do the photoshoot by yourself. Of course you can bring a girlfriend or simply enjoy the day doing your own thing. You show up and get your hair & make-up done. We chat about life while sippin' on champagne until you're ready to go. We then talk through your lingerie/clothing items and get a game plan in place. The rest is just us working together to create some bomb ass images. I give you all the guidance you need -- you just have to have a little trust and a lot of fun!




private Sessions start at $800


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La Femme forte group events

Want to surround yourself with other women

and enjoy a full day together?


- Hair & Make-up included

- Multiple outfit changes

- Food & Drink provided

- Bomb ass company

- Amazing location


These are SO much fun. We travel to different cities around the country and throw these weekend events where 6-8 ladies join for the day. You get an assigned time slot for hair & make-up and then for your photoshoot time. You're welcome to come for just your session or join for the entire day to meet other women, eat yummy food, sip on champagne, or just read a book and relax. The day and the space we rent is for everyone to enjoy as they please. It truly is an opportunity to just take the day off and treat yourself. The best part about these events is that most of the women who join end up making some really awesome friends.


I LOVE connecting women!


la femme forte events starts at $850

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"This is YOUR time to love on yourself. Embrace your imperfections. Celebrate being a f*ckin' woman."

- Tonhya

you deserve it.

I understand that doing something like this can be scary, intimidating, and straight up out of your comfort zone. What you need to know is that every single woman you see in this gallery felt the exact same way! They took a leap of faith and said "What the hell, I deserve this!"


This is the truth -- you 100% deserve to treat yourself, to do something a little different, to take a day to just appreciate your body and all that we put it through. Let's be honest, sometimes we aren't that nice to our bodies -- through our words, actions, or thoughts...we've all been there. Doing a photoshoot like this is a simple way to reclaim your power. To remind yourself that you've only got one body and it's time to love on it.



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